SAMU Social

To stand against the growing problem of exclusion in Cayenne, resulting mainly from the phenomenon of crack addiction, the collectivity decided to appeal to the International Samu Social to create a mobile unit to help the drug addicts in Cayenne: the Cayenne’s Samu Social.
Thus, since 2004, this association composed of medical and social intervention professionals circulate in our streets. It collaborates actively with all existing associative or institutional structures in Cayenne.


The Cayenne’s Samu social is a non-profit association created in November 2003. Its main objective is to help homeless people in Cayenne.

Member of the International Samu Social federation, Cayenne’s Samu social applies in French Guyana the same support method for excluded people developed by the Parisian Samu Social. It created an innovative approach to erase exclusion:

  • An emergency assistance towards the individuals that suffer the most from exclusion, especially at night, when other structures are closed.
  • The multidisciplinarity of its professional team with medical, social and psychological or psychiatry skills and the ability to understand and handle the great exclusion.
  • The construction of a network allows to create a link between emergency work and work rehabilitation.
  • The research and evaluation helps to better understand this population and improve its management by the society.

The mission of Cayenne’s Samu Social is to be present and assist the population in great exclusion. Its first objective is to meet and recreate the social link with very socially excluded people who have given up on the system we live in.

Its mission is to reinsert this population in the society not to create a parallel system for disadvantaged people. The association aims to contribute to their return toward the access of common rights, like any other citizen. Practical information