The Devil’s Island

Located at fourteen kilometers along the coast of Kourou, the Devil’s Island is composed of three islands: the Devil’s island ( l’île du Diable), the Royal island (l’île Royale) and Saint Joseph’s island (l’île de Saint-Joseph).
Despite their location, they belong to Cayenne’s administrative territory. However, for some security reasons and for its strategic location (below the trajectory of launchers) CNES is the owner of all the three islands.

First known as « the Triangle islands » (les îles du triangles) by the early European navigators, the islands take their name from two tragic events of the Guianese colonization: shipping Kourou in 1763 and the establishment of the penal colony in 1854.
The site is becoming gradually an idyllic place where history, heritage and biodiversity meet.
Jewel of Guiana, the archipelago of the islands of Salvation is henceforth the most visited attraction of the department. We count about 50,000 visitors each year (source: CNES).
For several years, CNES worked on the restoration of this historical and cultural heritage by implementing renovation and improvement works.
The place is accessible by catamaran or motor boat. The tours can be done for one day or several days (you should check before with the providers or the Tourist Office).