Solidarity grocery

Ti_degra_1-532x370The Cayenne Town hall is one of the institutional partners of the Guyanese community grocery store « TI DEGRA ». It’s a real store created on the 1st of October 2008 and is located down town in Cayenne. The store is intended for Cayenne’s residents in precarious situations. It is located at n.5 Digue Ronjon street.The grocery store gives the opportunity to its beneficiaries to purchase the same products of a conventional grocery store (all product categories except alcohol and cigarettes.) However, the social grocery concept requires its customers to match specific selection criteria. The access to the grocery store is restricted to its beneficiaries; a monthly grant is given to the household based on its resources, charges and domestic composition. A daily shopping quota is fixed to help families to better manage their budget.

The social grocery store aims to respond to none covered needs, alimentary first, but also in prevention of exclusion situations, to set collective expression for vulnerable people and families and give them the tools to get out of social assistance and isolation.

Besides food aid, the social grocery « TI DEGRA » aims to create through meetings and workshops an environment for social and professional integration.

The beneficiaries of the grocery store detain minimum social rights:

  •  The Guaranteed Minimum Income,
  • The Active Solidarity Revenue,
  • The Disabled Persons Allowance,
  • The Supplementary Benefit ,
  • The  Solidarity Old Age Allowance ,
  • The Specific Solidarity Allowance,
  • The Single Parent Allowance,
  • The Supplementary Disability Allowance,
  • The Insertion Allowance,
  • The Retirement Allowance,
  • The Widowhood Allowance.